Durham City Photos

Durham City Photos

Durham City Photos

durham city photos: durham cathedral sunset

Durham City Photos is a collection of my pictures from around Durham City in the United Kingdom. Durham City is one of the most photogenic places in the World and is perhaps most famous for it’s Cathedral, a huge Norman architectural triumph. Founded in 1093AD, Durham Cathedral houses the shrine of St. Cuthbert and it and Durham Castle have been deemed a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The centre of Durham City is now designated as a conservation area, and in addition to Durham Cathedral and Durham Castle there are over 630 listed buildings in Durham, 569 of which are in the conserved area.

The name Durham is derived from ‘Dun’ (Hill fort) and ‘Holme’ (Island). It is thought that there has been a settlement here since 2,000 BC, and the current Durham City was founded in 995 AD when monks brought St. Cuthbert’s body and settled with it after moving from Cheste-le-Street.

I consider myself very privileged to live in Durham City, and I have decided to create this website to show my photos of Durham City and it’s many treasures to the World. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

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